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Welcome to TheKatosphere


I am so happy you’re here!  I'm a proud Filipina woman, a spiritual soul, loving mother of three boys, wife, and the creative mind behind the short film “A Passage to Hope” and the children’s book “Kalayaan - Filipina Heroines of World War 2.”


As a filmmaker and author, I’m passionate about telling stories that inspire and empower people.  In “A Passage to Hope,” I share the incredible stories of ten brave women who overcame childhood trauma or helped heal others during the pandemic.  Through their courage and resilience, they serve as a powerful reminder that we all have the strength to overcome our challenges and make a positive impact on the world.


Similarly, in “Kalayaan - Filipina Heroines of World War 2,” I aim to educate and inspire children about the courageous women who’s stories deserve to be told; they fought for their country during a tumultuous time in history.  By highlighting these brave Filipinas, I hope to encourage young readers to see women as positive role models and inspire them to cultivate their own strength and courage.


Balancing motherhood, career, and creative pursuits has been a challenging but fulfilling journey. After more than a decade of focusing on raising my children and creating a nurturing home environment, I continued to develop my creative skills in the background.


Now, after more than a decade of motherhood, I’m back on the scene as a first-time author, short film maker, and working a full-time job as the director of communications for a healthcare multidisciplinary practice.  Managing all these roles isn’t always easy but, it’s taught me so much about finding balance and staying true to my passions.


My art is fueled by my experience as a woman, spirituality, motherhood,  and my desire to inspire and empower others. I explore themes of personal growth and positivity in my projects.  Through it all, I hope to spread joy and encouragement to all who need it.


I am proud of what I've accomplished, and I'm excited to continue sharing my message with the world.

Let's dive in and explore this world of creativity and positivity together!



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