"TheKatosphere" was created to be a space where I can share everything that's going on in my world & serve as a motivational platform and resource to anyone who stops by.

Between being a wife, mom of three boys, a podcaster, content creator, and hosting events in the NYC area, there's a lot to share.  I'm an empath who loves to live life & believes in fighting for the greater good.  When I'm not parenting, you'll find me working on my podcast, planning an event, coming up with a meal plan for the family (because I love to bake & cook) or practicing some form of self-care which varies from a workout class to a wellness class or just grabbing drinks with the girls (yes that counts....depending on who your friends are, it can be cheaper than therapy lol) 

I'm excited & grateful you stopped by & hope you find something that peaks your interest!

Thanks for stopping by "TheKatosphere"!


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