Have you ever heard of Shape House? It's an "urban sweat lodge", that helps you deepen your sleep, burn calories, improve your skin, lifts your mood, and let me say it again, BURNS CALORIES! I'm NOT a fan of heat, I like my windows open in the middle of winter or the AC on 365 days of the hear which is ironic because I'm from the islands so you think I'd love heat but, the benefits were worth the try for me. When you get there, they'll check you in, have a change of clothes for you to sweat in & you lay down, get wrapped up in a hot blanket & watch tv or listen to music. That's it, nothing to it except being able to handle the heat. If you're interested in checking it out, it is a little on the pricey side ($65 a session) worth it but I by-passed it with Class Pass, here's $40 off your first month.

I really enjoyed it, I lost about 600 calories relaxing, laying down, catching up on netflix shows & sweating, can't beat that! And, as much as I'm not a fan of heat, I focused on the benefits of what the heat was doing. I really did feel the benefits, after the session, I felt lighter, my skin softer & I felt so relaxed. They brought me into another room & gave me cut up oranges (which tasted AMAZING) & tea. And, I did end up having the best sleep <3

Remember, if you decide to check it out, don't forget to try it at a discount with my code $40 off code on Class Pass.

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