Self-Care at Untermyer Park & Gardens

This is us, a couple of weeks ago. We had an amazing opportunity to check out the Untermyer Park & Gardens. I don't know about you but I've felt the need to be in nature now more than ever. Thankfully we're in the fall season so it works out for me, so when Gina asked if I wanted to go to this BEAUTIFUL park, it was an instant yes! So me and my Self-Care Tuesday sisters Gina (@whatthedoost) & Krista (@selfishlifestyleapproach) grabbed our families and headed out to this beautiful garden.

As soon as we walked in, we were greeted by the walled garden, and it felt like we time warped into another place! It was so serene and peaceful with so much beauty, be sure to have your cameras ready for this because it is GORGEOUS.

Take a look at the sneak peak below.

This beautiful garden overlooks the Hudson River and is located in Yonkers, New York. So it's about 30 minutes by car from New York City and if you're not up for a drive, there's also easy access to a bus or train.

And after the tour we celebrated Gina's sweet baby boy's 6 month birthday!

Which leads me to some tips if you're interested in going to the garden, first here's a link to

some free timed-entry tickets (your welcome lol)

Tip #2: Pack water, you'll be walking around a lot and even though food & beverages are not allowed in the garden, right outside the garden there's an area with tables. You can drink your water, pack up some food, and have a picnic there. They also have some restaurants nearby if you're up for exploring some more. We ended up having a smash cake and cupcakes to celebrate.

Tip #3: Where comfortable shoes, I don't know why I didn't put two and two together but I didn't (I think I was focused on the pictures I was going to take with my SCT girls lol) and ended up wearing wedges (thankfully) so it wasn't too bad but it does get a bit rocky and you go through dirt, there's lots of steps so, be comfortable.

Tip #4: Have your camera ready, you'll want to take pictures and add this garden to your camera roll.

Tip #5: Check out Gina's blog, to see a recap of the whole day or check out the Self-Care Tuesday podcast episode where we about the park & forest bathing, have you ever heard of forest bathing? Me either lol...listen in here

Till next time...