Note To: Self (YouTube Series)

Thee Trio Productions created a youtube series called, "Note to:" Self. The premise of the

show is, people writing a letter to their younger self. It's vulnerable & raw and I'm so grateful that I had the honor of sharing my story.

If you're interested in hearing or rather watching my story on youtube, it's called, "Note To: Self | EMPATH shares story on her overly-connected emotions with others". Growing up I had a really hard time knowing what I was feeling vs what other people were feeling, what I should react to what shouldn't I react too. I wanted to be heard & seen but didn't know how & I felt everyone!! I could tell when someone was scared, worried, angry, happy, sad, I just felt it in my heart. Let's just say, it's been an interesting life's journey. I don't want to give too much away so if you're interested in watching the video, I'm adding it here. Have you ever felt like that growing up? Feeling like you never belonged anywhere ain't easy! If you're interested, check it out here

A bit of inspiration.....I recently got a message in my IG DMs...yes I had a girl slide into my DMs to tell me how my story resonated with her. What I realized is that you never really know who's listening & your story really does matter, that's why I have my podcasts & why I continue to blog. I guess growing up feeling like the odd ball out & always feeling alone even if I had a bunch of people around me, and It's to inspire to share their story so other's know that they're not alone.

Till next time friends!