"Love Your Flaws (They Are The Truest You)"

I saw this quote in a little alley way in Jersey City, one thing about me is I can find inspiration, ANYWHERE lol....this quote stuck out to me because it runs deep. People don't really like to acknowledge their flaws, they kind of go over them. And I totally get it, its a crappy feeling when you have to admit fault or own the fact that you've fallen short.

And, in this "picture perfect" social media world, it can make it even harder & more painful to admit to our flaws. BUT, what I learned is that, #1 we're all flawed #2 we can learn a lot from our flaws if we choose too, they're apart of us we might as well use them towards our benefit #3 acknowledging our flaws also gives us the power to change. We don't have to accept them and be miserable that we're flawed, we can do something about it and change.

Listen, we're all flawed, we all have trauma, generational things that we're carrying and we've all done things we wish we didn't do or could've done better, that's what makes us, HUMAN. So it's really important for us to become self-aware. To know who we really are, what we like, don't like, what triggers us, what's serving us or not and take ownership of our own life so that we can be better for the people around us. That's apart of what life journey is about isn't it?

As a people pleaser, I'd always feel this pressure of having to be "perfect", flaw #1 for me because it wasn't my idea of perfect, it was what everyone else thought was "perfect". If you're striving for perfection, I think it should come from you, not someone else's projected picture of you. So, this lead me to thinking I was never good enough but the truth is, I AM. YOU ARE, WE ARE! I've learned to accept my flaws because they're apart of what makes me....well me. And again, the beauty of becoming aware of and acknowledging our flaws, is that things don't have to stay that way. We all have a choice and we have the power to change. "Create Your Life" as scary as that may sound to some, you can, we don't have to settle for the things we don't like so, don't! And yes it takes work, no it won't happen over night but, you know what, you're worth it!!!

Cheers, to loving ALL of who we are! xx

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