Lavender Fields In Calverton, New York

You probably know lavender as an aromatherapy oil being used to calm the environment you're in. On top of it being calming and smelling AMAZING, the lavender plant is known to really help with over-all wellness by reducing stress & anxiety.

When I found out there was a lavender field, I had to see/smell it for myself. Picture a large field of lavender with purple buds everywhere & nestled in the middle of the lavender plants are Adirondack Chairs for you to not only take the perfect Instagram picture but really soak in the beauty & smell of what lavender plants have to offer. I learned that Lavender by the Bay harvests their lavender by the end of July so, if you're interested in going, I'd start looking into going to the farm by the end of June.

Lavender By The Bay is family owned which I love! And, they give back to their local community, how sweet is that! They give a portion of the entry ticket sales to the local community. You can check out their website for a list of the organizations they support (there are a lot) and if you're interested in getting involved yourself, all the information to the organizations they get involved with is on their site as well.

What to do if you're in need of some lavender off season? Head over to: they have a great store where you can make purchases off season. And before I let you go, if you ever wondered, how to take care of a lavender plant, I took a picture of this for you, I found it very helpful & ended up picking up one of their lavender plants for the house which smells so good!

Lavender by the Bay is a really beautiful experience, I think everyone should atleast visit once. Especially knowing that a portion of the money they make goes to charity so, if you find yourself in the Long Island area or if you're interested in taking a day trip somewhere in July, why not check them's their website if you're interested:

Happy Adventuring Friends! Remember, life is to short not to life your life so in the words of Rihanna...."So live your life (Hey! Ay ay ay)"

Till next time...